An innovative communication and administrative support service, vital to your success in the German market.  A team of professional bilingual (Portuguese <> German) translators, with credentials and vast experience, ensure the translation of your correspondence in real time.

Every time you are contacted by a potential client from the German market, your “German Desk” will have his email ready for you, already translated into Portuguese.

Why is this important?

On the SelektPT platform your profile is visible, in German, to the potential client in Germany. The fact that the client knows that he can communicate with your company in German breaks one of the most significant barriers, the language barrier. The German buyer feels confident enough to send his information request in German.

"Your company will gain the ability to communicate, interpret and negotiate in German."

How does it work?

From the moment the service is subscribed, a “German Desk” is allocated to your company. Every time you receive a message from Germany through our platform, it is translated by our team of translators in a double check mode (first, it is translated by one translator and then, thoroughly proofread by a second translator) and sent to you, together with the translation. The same happens with your replies in Portuguese, your “German Desk” translates your message and sends it, in German, to your contact in Germany

The “German Desk” service also covers communication outside the platform. Should you receive any contact or message from a German company through your website or other means, it can be routed to the “German Desk” to go through the same bi-directional translation process.

The entire translation process takes place in real time (within 2 hours during working hours) with the utmost secrecy and security.

Apart from the German Desk service that covers all your correspondence, a document translation service (e.g. budgets, technical documentation, contacts, advertising material, etc.) is available to you in the reserved area of your SELEKTPT profile.