Privacy Policy



The company that owns, and is strongly committed to respecting the privacy of its subscribers, users or visitors.  So, to explain how we treat all personal information that reaches us, we have created this Privacy Policy.

This Privacy Policy may be changed at any moment. In such cases, we will send all our subscribers, users or visitors a new Policy Privacy document or, alternatively, a document containing only the introduced changes, whenever a qualified contact method has been provided for this purpose. 

Any content or personal data that our subscribers, uses or visitors send us shall be treated in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Personal information

The subscription of any of the features existent on the, and domains, may require the collection of personal data, such as, but not limited to, full name, address, tax identification number, email address or phone number. This information is essential and indispensable for us to perform, adequately, the functions that we have proposed to.

We do not collect information that is useless for the purposes of the, and domains.

We do not collect personal or professional information without prior, free and informed consent by the subscribers, users or visitors of the, and domains.

In case it is deemed necessary to ask for personal information, we will make the purpose of such information, and how it will be used, known.

The personal information collected across this domain is adequate, pertinent and not excessive for the purposes of its collection.

The personal information collected across this domain are saved in such as manner as to only permit the identification of who it belongs to during the period of time necessary to execute the purposes of its collection.

No personal information regarding religious, political or philosophical convictions, party or union affiliation, private life, racial or ethnic origin, as well as information regarding health or sexual preferences, including genetic data, will be collected, or handled, for any reasons or under any circumstance.

According to the legal terms in force, individuals have the right to access, freely and without restrictions, the reserved area where his, or her, personal information is kept, and, there, may erase or correct said personal information, in accordance with Law no. 67/98, of the 26th of October, in the wording of Law no. 103/2015, of the 24th of August.


The personal information collected across the, and domains shall be retained and held until express instructions otherwise, or until either law or final court decision requires its elimination. The retention and holding of this information is essential for the company that owns the, and domains to continue to perform the contracted services to its subscribers, users or visitors.

For the purposes of this section, all contact with the, and domains should be sent, electronically, to the address


The company that owns the, and domains is committed to ensure the protection of its subscribers, users or visitors’ personal information.

The company that owns the, and domains shall take all adequate technical and organizational measures to protect the personal information collected through this domain against destruction, accidental or unlawful, accidental loss, alteration, diffusion or non-authorised access to said personal information.

The company that owns the, and domains shall follow the best technical knowledge available to ensure, at adequate cost, an appropriate level of security regarding the risks in collecting and handling personal information.

The company that owns the, and domains does not assume, in any manner, any kind of responsibility that falls, by law or court act, namely contract, upon a third or subcontracted party, which, so, shall be the main responsible for the collection and handling of personal information under its foreseen legal and contracted actions.

Those who are in contact with or take knowledge of personal information due to their special connection (legal or contracted) to the, and domains are bound to professional secrecy, even after the completion of their functions, under the terms legally in force, incurring, in case of breach, the liability and criminal penalties found in the relevant laws.   

Cookie policy

The company that owns the, and domains may use search technology through cookies.

Cookies are text files that are stored in the subscribers, users or visitors of the, and domains’ computers or mobile device, via the chosen browser, storing information related to their preferences, not including personal information.

The term cookies shall be used to identify all kinds of files that collect information in this manner and for this purpose.

The cookies used collect, only, generic information about how the subscribers, users or visitors of the, and domains arrive to and use the website, the region of the country from where they are accessing the domain, their preferences or the usefulness, and interest in, the information made available through this domain.

The subscribers, users or visitors of the, and domains may, at any time, block the entry of cookies in their system. Refusal in using the website’s cookies may result in certain areas becoming inaccessible or not being able to receive personalised information.

After authorising the use of cookies, the subscriber, user or visitor of the, and domains may always deactivate, through the browser used, part or all of the cookies.