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German Market

  • 82 million people
  • Largest European economy and 4th world-wide
  • After China, it is the largest exporter in volume and it holds the 1st place for exports per capita world-wide
  • It is the most resilient country in the EU, with stable and sustained economic growth over the last decades
  • Germany imports a total of 950 billion euros, of which Portugal only represents 5.6 billion, the equivalent to 0.59%.

Main reasons to win over clients from the German market

  • Low risk country (political, social and economic stability)
  • Low commercial risk (application of uniform and community laws)
  • Low credit risk (easy access to other parties’ risk information)
  • Low transport risk (proximity and available means)

Main difficulties

  • Fairs and commercial actions have a higher cost when compared to other markets
  • German language barrier
  • Lack of knowledge of German corporate culture
  • Identification of adequate commercial channels

“SELEKTPT” the solution

Online Platform

Your products and services’ shopfront for the German market, 365 days per year, 24h per day.

Digital Marketing

Bespoke marketing strategies to promote your business to the target market > at the right time to be caught by the German buyer’s attention.

German Desk

Communication and correspondence in German > your exclusive administrative service, specialised for the German market.

Bespoke Service

Choose the services that are better suited to your needs with an excellent cost-benefit ratio.

Consultant team with profound knowledge of the German Market.